Inky, My Dad & Me

At some point in time, your phone will ring, or you will hear through the grapevine that someone you care about is terminally ill with cancer. Your heart will sink and questions will race through your mind: What kind of cancer? What should I do? What if I say the wrong thing?

Most folks show up after someone has died with a bucket of fried chicken or flowers for the grieving family members. But what about that time between the terminal diagnosis and death? This is when your loved one or caregiving friend needs you the most, and undoubtedly the most difficult time to show up.

Inky, My Dad & Me

In Inky, My Dad & Me, I tell the story of my turning point from cautious optimism to the harsh reality that my kitty, Inky, and my Dad were both dying. I share my experiences through their end of life stages, and include in each chapter a “What You Can Do” section for friends and caregivers. The book also includes a link to a downloadable version of the “Friends & Caregivers’ Guidebook,” designed to help you organize critical information, such as Hospice contacts, nurse schedules and volunteer tasks. Read more about the book.

I found a way to be fully present for my furry kid and my father and received gifts and lessons along the way. By sharing my experience with you, I hope to bring you, your friends and loved ones closer to peace during this intensely difficult time.

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